Entrue Consulting

Envision your future with us,
as we make positive impact
throughout the digital
transformation era

About Entrue

"Innovation Leader in Digital Business delivering real value to our clients."

Upon establishment in 1991, Entrue Consulting has completed over 3,500+ projects successfully
by leveraging our specialized IT/Management consulting services in the era of digital transformation. As a member of LG Group,
Entrue Consulting also serves our world-class subsidiaries including LG Electronics, LG Chem, and LG Display.

Utilizing our own inherent methodologies, expertise in advanced technologies, and pool of talents,
Entrue Consulting offers cutting-edge consulting services such as Process Innovation, Master Planning, and Strategy Planning.

Service Offering

"Entrue Consulting leads innovation by offering unparalleled consulting services
in various business sectors."

We advise our global clients on the most critical issues and opportunities in various sectors: manufacturing, telecommunications, logistics/services,
public service, smart city/building, energy, and finance. In these sectors, we apply our own unique methodologies to help clients
in all aspects of consultancy including strategy, information technology, optimization, process innovation, and more.

Entrue Consulting is leading the market in digital transformation by offering differentiated capabilities and by constantly adopting
new technologies such as big data, IoT, and blockchain to create new values to our customers.

Life @ Entrue

"Entrue Consulting is built on the culture that Entruers plan autnomously and execute collectively."

Horizontal culture

We operate open communication sessions to value every individual
at Entrue Consulting. We discuss as a whole on the organization's work and future through Townhall sessions. Entrue Consulting attempts to create a better future of the firm through open discussions and debates in a polite and respectful manner.

Well-defined training and education Entrue offers various training environment for Entruers to aid growth and achievement at work.
  • Top-quality job, professional, and business training with LG Corp.'s best talents at Inhwawon's advanced facilities to achieve professional growth and development.
  • LG CNS provides professional training courses ranging from business & IT training to foreign language development courses.
  • Entrue Consulting offers basic consulting training courses such as logical-thinking, communication, and documentation to career-planning training sessions suited to consultants for long-term support and assistance.
  • Professional assistance

    We also operate a back-end team assisting in research, planning, education, team building, and other activities to support the Entruers working on projects on the front-end.

  • Unparalleled benefits and rewards

    As LG Corp.'s in-house consulting group, Entrue Consulting provides high-level benefits and rewards to
    our employees.

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